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Lightning Strikes!

Written by Bill Tuesday, 26 August 2014 14:20

The Lightning North American Champinships were held in Sheboygan, WI August 11-15th and Michael Zonnenberg and his team of Adam Ceely and Michael Booker finished 2nd in this highly competitve regatta.  This was only Michael's 4th Lightning regatta.  Good boat speed is really important is a big one-design regatta like this, and Michael had great speed with his Vermont Sailing Partners Lightning sails.  It would have been great if he'd won, but finishing 2nd, two points out of first isn't too shabby!  Congrats Z and team and good luck in the Worlds next summer.  They'll be finishing up their Senior year as members of the UVM Sailing team.  Michael Zonnenberg spent the summer working here at Vermont Sailing Partners learning about sailmaking and rigging and is an engineering major at University of Vermont.


Race Winning Theory

Written by Bill Tuesday, 11 March 2014 12:32

We hate to pat ourselves on the back too aggressively, but with the help of our co-owner/co-skipper Bob Turnau, our Henderson 30 Buffalo Theory won both the Cannon Trophy and the innaugural Lake Champlain PHRF Championship Series in 2013.  The "theory" of winning includes a good team, a well prepared boat and of course fast sails.  Here are two photos of Buffalo Theory showing off her new VSP mainsail in the light air Diamond Island Regatta, along with a photo that shows the mainsail shape.

Henderson 1 Smaller

Henderson 2 Smaller














Henderson Main smaller


Light boats like the Henderson 30 are easily driven and have high aspect foils so they require flatter mainsails than most. The mainsail is built out of Technora - BX15 Dimension/Polyant Sailcloth and the 155% genoa is a crosscut Flex genoa made out of a custom FleX 05A. The VSP genoa is two years old and is starting to show some signs of age but still has a competitve racing (draft forward/straight exit) sail shape.














Greeter Emeritus

Written by Bill Wednesday, 26 June 2013 13:42

We've been fortunate enough to have Al as our official greeter at the loft for the last 15.5 years.  He'll be remembered as the head of our customer relations department and our head greeter.  He also provided many other important services here at the loft.  He made sure that no one left food in the trash cans and was very determined not to let the cardboard recycling pile get too tall before we would get it to the recycling center.

Al didn't learn these skills all by himself.  His mentor George worked here at the loft for about six years until his duties became simply too much for one greeter to handle.   George hired him back in 1997 and it took George about eight years to get Al fully trained.  Upon George's retirement in 2006, Al assumed all the official  sail loft greeting duties until his retirement this morning.


George training Al                            Al Delivering sails                         Al's last day at the loft

George and Al

IMG 0487Als last day smaller















How many shades of Grey?

Written by Bill Wednesday, 12 December 2012 17:50

This week we have three Black/Grey sails on the floor - A Henderson 30 Main, a Tartan 33 Genoa and a Niagara 31 Genoa.  Carbon fiber has been used in sails for over 20 years but now it is starting to become very common.  Dimension/Polyant Sailcloth has introduced a new line of Black Aramid as well as a new line of black Polyester laminates.  You'll start to see more Black and Grey sails on the starting line next season, and the darker the shade of Grey or Black, the higher concentration of fibers - which means a stronger sail.  You'll notice that heavy air sails will tend to be darker than the lighter air sails.  As you can see, there is a complete line of Carbon or Black Aramid laminates available for boats from 20-50'


GPL and BX Swatches

The darker swatches on the left are the stronger fabrics for higher load applications.


Grey Sails

black Genoa










Nice Testimonial

Written by Caroline Wednesday, 17 October 2012 09:14

We really enjoy hearing from satisfied customers.  We got this nice note from Jim Goodine for whom we built sails for his Redmond designed Elver last year:


Hi Bill,
I know that in the big picture of your business, my little Redmond Elver is just a drop in the bucket. But for me, the new sails that you made have really improved the performance and ease of single-handing.  Maybe the bigger boats boast more speed and amenities but nobody enjoys their time aboard more than I do.

At the Champlain Antique and Classic Boat Show in Burlington, where my boat was a visitor and not on display, many people asked me who made the sails. It seems that you are famous around there.

Thank you for your great attention to the details on my sails.

Jim Goodine

goodine elver




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