Greeter Emeritus

We've been fortunate enough to have Al as our official greeter at the loft for the last 15.5 years.  He'll be remembered as the head of our customer relations department and our head greeter.  He also provided many other important services here at the loft.  He made sure that no one left food in the trash cans and was very determined not to let the cardboard recycling pile get too tall before we would get it to the recycling center.

Al didn't learn these skills all by himself.  His mentor George worked here at the loft for about six years until his duties became simply too much for one greeter to handle.   George hired him back in 1997 and it took George about eight years to get Al fully trained.  Upon George's retirement in 2006, Al assumed all the official  sail loft greeting duties until his retirement this morning.


George training Al                            Al Delivering sails                         Al's last day at the loft

George and Al

IMG 0487Als last day smaller














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