How many shades of Grey?

This week we have three Black/Grey sails on the floor - A Henderson 30 Main, a Tartan 33 Genoa and a Niagara 31 Genoa.  Carbon fiber has been used in sails for over 20 years but now it is starting to become very common.  Dimension/Polyant Sailcloth has introduced a new line of Black Aramid as well as a new line of black Polyester laminates.  You'll start to see more Black and Grey sails on the starting line next season, and the darker the shade of Grey or Black, the higher concentration of fibers - which means a stronger sail.  You'll notice that heavy air sails will tend to be darker than the lighter air sails.  As you can see, there is a complete line of Carbon or Black Aramid laminates available for boats from 20-50'


GPL and BX Swatches

The darker swatches on the left are the stronger fabrics for higher load applications.


Grey Sails

black Genoa









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