Every year we help support the Regatta for Lake Champlain by donating a raffle prize of 50% off a new Spinnaker.  We are really proud of the work the regatta has done over the years in supporting sailing and water quality on Lake Champlain.  This year Doug Merrill won the prize and we are building a new asymmetrical spinnaker for his J-110 "Moovin'"


MOOvin Kingsland Bay 09

Below is the 3D view of the sail on SailPack, our design software, and here is the panel printout sheet that we use on the floor.  

panel layout

  moovin spin des.pic1








 Bill and Caroline "seamsticking" and rolling  the seams to assemble the panels.


bill moovincaroline moovin




Here you can see the head (left) all assembled, and the clew "box" (on the right)


clew box 1head 2



When we were laying out the panels, Doug brought his sons Alex and Jack on a field trip to the loft to watch us work on the sail.  They thought it was pretty cool and wanted to help so we had them organize the pre-cut patch radial panels.  Does it look like they are having fun?

Alex and Jack New Spinnaker Layout











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