VSP Covers and accessories

One-Design Boat Covers - We build covers for some One-Design classes. All our covers are built using the rugged 100% Polyester "Top Gun" Cover fabric unless otherwise noted. Click on your class below:

If you are looking for a cover for another type of one-design boat, we may be able to find one for you or work with you to design one for your boat.

Sail Covers - We build mainsail covers for all types of boats. Our sail covers are built using Sunbrella Acrylic Canvas in a wide variety of colors. Please contact us for color and style availability.

"Boot" style sail cover - The traditional style of sail cover that goes around your mast. If you have luff slides on your mainsail, this is the cover for you. Pricing is $28 per foot of "E." Boot cover measurement form.

"Tube" style sail cover - The cover used on most racing boats where the sail has a bolt rope luff and the sail is stored rolled on the boom. Pricing is $18 per foot of "E."

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